Gratitude for the positive in 2015!

January 4, 2015

Welcome to my Blog! As I launch my new website, I am also launching some new thoughts and goals for myself. 2014 was a rough year for me. Much like Riley Brennan in Waves Crashing, I also lost my mother. However, not only did she pass away less than two months ago, but I lost my sister, as well, in April.


In my interactions with friends, family members, colleagues and the general public, it has been made clear that many folks have dealt with loss or challenge of some kind this year. While these events are typical any year, it seems moreso this yearl.


Just like Riley found strength inside herself through a journey inward after the world around her seemed to fall apart, I find myself doing the same. So are many of my friends and acquaintances. I encourate you to find and acknowledge your strenth too, whatever your challenge. It seems many people are currently faced with illness, loss, unhappiness, career boredom, family discord and financial woes, to name a few.


There are also wonderful events going on around us too; weddings, new babies, new jobs, new friendships, hard work is paying off, long-term goals are being met, people are being active or finding quiet time.


Take this time as the new year rolls in to take stock of what is really important to you and practice some much deserved self-care. How are you spending your time? Are you going from place to place on auto-pilot, hardly aware of  how you got there, or are you mindful of the stoplights, people passing, music playing, and/or the sounds of the city, nature or neighborhood? Are you spending time on unnecessary obligations or are you engaged in activities that make you happy and uplift your heart? Are you around people who exude negativity or those who spread gratitude and positive energy?


I am making a pledge to myself to ring in the new year by saying good-bye to the sadness of 2014 by focusing on the positive events, friendships, thoughts and feelings I have been blessed with, that often get overshadowed by the negative. I will continue my motivation for happiness and mindfulness with daily yoga and meditation, as well as a new committment to continue my writing. I encourage you to find whatever ways support what makes you happy. Please join me in making 2015 the best year yet. Good luck and best wishes!

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