New Year's Resolution or New Year's Realignment?

January 10, 2015

How are the New Year's resolutions coming along? Did you even set one this year? We're about a week and a half into the new year, and if research and history are correct, many of those resultions are already starting to falter.


I offer you a different way of thinking about this concept of making a positive change for yourself in the new year. Instead of making a resolution, how about making a New Year's realignment? Think, and I mean really think, about what you would like to do differently this year. Is there a big change you would like to see in your life, or even a little change? What will make your heart happy? What change is more in alignment with the you that you would really like to be? Instead of simply doing something different, do something that is more in line with your hopes, goals and dreams. Changes of any size take lots of small steps to get there. Perhaps your realignment is the first step in doing so. Sometimes you have to take a small step and let the rest of your life adapt and adjust to that small change. And then take another small step, and so on. Actual change is a gradual transformation.


If we are going to make a change, or do something different, we cannot keep doing everything else the same way we have been. Set an intention to realign your goals and dreams with your life. Say this intention out loud. Write it down. Say it to your friends and family. Doing so makes it real and helps keep you accountable. Now that you have your intention and plan for realignment, find the daily and weekly small steps that are needed to realize this intention. Be mindful of your intention and your actions. Be good to yourself. When you accomplish a step, acknowledge it and celebrate!


Taking small steps toward the new part of your life is much more manageable than expecting yourself to become or do something different overnight.


Wishing you all the best as you make 2015 the best year yet. Namaste.

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