"It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not."

May 7, 2015


In my last blog I wrote about those twinges of self-doubt that get in the way of us reaching our goals and how to stay positive. I still think it's quite inspirational and addresses the ways we can stay on course and keep a productive dialogue of self-talk. However, despite all this great advice, I fell prey to my own warnings.


I have been working this year to make writing a more regular part of my life. I have followed my own advice, taken meaningful steps toward my goals and dreams, changed the way my "normal" works, carved out time to set my intentions in motion and have devoted energy to the pursuit of my New Year's Realignment. However, just yesterday, I was following some on-line exchanges of fellow writers who were discussing the cautions to writing, and even warnings against it as a profession. Despite all the positive exchanges I read, productive self-talk, and even lifestyle changes I have made to walk forward along my new path, I began to question the real viability of my realignment and new goals. Who was I to think I could make a shift in my career? How could I possibly be both a psychologist and an author? I should just be grateful for what I have and put that silly dream to rest.


Two negative statements somehow had the power to discount my progress, self-confidence and determination. And I'm a psychologist! One would think I would be able to see that coming a mile away. As I shared this discovery with my husband, he thankfully stopped my in my tracks and pointed out that I was letting the self-doubt get to me. He even reminded me that self-doubt is really not part of my personality. Wow! Apparently, the consideration of who I might not be overpowered all of the other aspects of who I am, and abruptly veered me off course.


We can be anyone we want to be! It's time to put the thoughts of who we might not be to rest and focus on the people we are and the people we want to be. What are some ways that you catch negative thoughts of who you are not, or notions of self-doubt, holding you back? How do you find your inspiration to get back on track?


Remember, it's easy to become derailed with so many negative messages and thoughts out there. Readjust your focus to the positive and keep moving forward on your new path. You got this!



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