The Art of the Leap of Faith

August 23, 2015

The hardest part of the leap of faith is letting go of our connection to the step behind us.


That step behind us is the safety and security of the familiar. Even the devil we know feels safer than the devil we don't know.


The step behind us is the one we know how to navigate.


We have adjusted to every new step taken, and that is the art of the leap of faith; realizing we've already done it.


Positive thinking and self-confidence help. When we are at the brink of a leap of faith it can be very scary. Putting our trust in some force outside ourselves is risky. We do not have complete control. For many people, this experience is a source of great anxiety.


The step ahead may be filled with disappointment, battles, and unforeseen difficulties. But it may also be filled with validation, personal reward, success, tranquility, and infinitely more possibilites.


The art of the leap of faith is also about having faith in ourselves to conquor the troubles, snags, and glitches that may await us, and focus on the many positive reasons why the leap will be a success.


Not only do we put our faith in a higher power, the universe, karma, or whatever your personal spiritual entity, but we put our faith and confidence in ourselves to do the work, make the adjustments and take the actions necessary to be successful.


Balance is constant readjustment.


So is success.


I believe in me. I believe in you.


Take that next step. Take that leap of faith. You can do it!


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