Catching Dreams

March 15, 2016

It's so easy to get caught up in the negative images, events and emotions in the news and social media. Our valuable time and energy is spent on them, even when our intention is to be positive. When the events and feelings of others rub off on us, it's time to remember that we influence others too. Negative attracts negative. Positive attracts positive. 


As we go through every step of our life journey, we have hopes and dreams. Those hopes and dreams may change over time, but every former dream impacts a new one. 


It's also easy to get discouraged about our dreams and say things to ourselves like, "What am I thinking? That will never happen. I'm not good/talented/wealthy/lucky enough." We have to be aware of these negative thoughts and catch them in the act. We owe it to ourselves to turn those thoughts into positive ones. How do we find the motivation?


It's more powerful to remind ourselves that "I love that idea! I just need to start with ___. I may need to dig deep to find energy, but I can do this. I have people and resources to help me. Then, it may be necessary to change ___ about my life. I want to do this. It's worth the effort!" Then, we make it our intention to do so and put our energy in the direction of our dreams. 


Our dreams are what drive us on this Earth. When we spend time thinking about and doing the things we love, we find happiness within ourselves. We no longer have to try to rely on others or outside influences to make us happy. We become positive and others feel that positivity when they interact with us. As a result, others are often inspired to go after and catch their dreams too. 


Life is short. Do what you love. 





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