Be True to Yourself

March 29, 2016



On any given day we may catch ourselves saying things like, "I should really do this instead," "I don't have time for what I really want to do," "Who am I kidding?" "(Someone else's) goals are more important right now," or even "I'll get to my dreams later, after ___." 


Often times we even bury our true desires, wishes and dreams because we have a living to earn. Who has time for fulfilling what's in our hearts when we have to work? Extra points if your job aligns with your dreams. That's the goal. 


Do you ever catch yourself with a group of people and wonder what you're doing there? Does it seem like you are there physically, but your heart is outside the conversation? These may be coworkers you like, or friends and even family you care for deeply, but you may feel pulled in another direction by topics you'd rather be spending your energy on. You may experience the same thing in the middle of a task or activity. Perhaps you have become bored, disengaged or apathetic about your job, or other aspects of your life. 


Your true self may be trying to show itself to you. If it doesn't fit in with your current activities, you may readily disregard it, or put it to the side for later. When our true self does not match our current life, it can cause discontent, anxiety, or unhappiness, because we feel the void or that something's missing. 


You owe it to yourself to listen to your "self". Acknowledge the things you love, the experiences you enjoy, the relationships that make you feel great, as well as the desires you have for your life. Sometimes significant changes are needed. Other times all it takes is a small shuffling of our time allotments or change in perspective to find a better alignment with your life and what tugs at your heart. 


Make time and space for yourself and what you love. Nurture your true self. Our dreams are what drive us. The key to finding happiness is looking inside ourselves, not searching for and expecting something or someone to make us happy. Recall the enormous joy you feel when you are engaged in what you love. It's OK to make that the norm; not the occasional treat. Be true to yourself and live who you are. Enjoy! 








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