The Joy of Letting Go

September 6, 2016



Letting go is a fascinating concept. We live in a world (especially in Western society) that values collections, obtaining more, accumulating things (even friends), and of course “free stuff”. Many believe that it’s “better to have more and not need it than to need it and not have enough”, and generally feel better the more they have.


Our personal value and sense of self-worth are often measured by how much we have, and even what kind of status or self-confidence those possessions portray. Sometimes these items cause, or result in, competition with others or even ourselves. There are so many really good reasons why we hang on: guilt, obligation, possible future use, comfort, nostalgia, current use, and feelings that we need them, or just want them, to name a few.


However, at times, we can become trapped by the clutter of all these possessions to the point where we can’t move, see clearly or navigate through our lives with a sense of calm, comfort and productivity. Clutter may show itself in a toxic work environment, negative relationships, stacks of old magazines or those unopened boxes that keep moving with us from house to house. We have a choice. We can become overwhelmed and buried by the clutter or clear it out.


How do we clear away the clutter? Traditional spring cleaning comes to mind where we throw away, recycle or donate items that no longer fit, that we no longer use, and/or are just taking up space. When these items are gone, we feel a sense of relief, freedom, and space to move and grow. We can take this notion and adjust it to our own lives, adapting it to physical and emotional clutter, clearing out what we can, when we can.


By letting go of the things that no longer move us forward in a positive direction, we create space for new possibilities, experiences and happiness to grow. We are then able to get closer to knowing ourselves and our true desires and needs. We change over time. So do our priorities.


These changes help us move forward on our personal life path. Some say “letting go” is impossible or much more difficult than it sounds, that the clutter items do have meaning and purpose. Perhaps some do, but not all. It is hard to let go before we are ready. When you’re ready, you will know.


Whether it’s time to let go of the past, unrealistic expectations of the present or future, certain items, something big or something small, collections of sentimental value, tokens of hard work and accomplishments, or a relationship, whatever you let go of will lighten the load that you carry with you each day. You will breathe more deeply and exhale more completely. You will move more freely, feel less stress, find more opportunity for new possibilities, and create the space necessary to reach new goals and dreams. Perhaps you will make the space for a new career, new friendships, new adventures, foods, hobbies, wardrobe or simply an new outlook on life.                                                                                                                                              

Let go of something today. Enjoy the space. Spread the joy.





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