The Joy of Essential Oils

June 6, 2017



When thinking of a blog topic idea for the letter “E”, essential oils came to mind right away because I am so grateful for them. I have been using essential oils for over 17 years, but within the last year my reasons for using them have changed, and my frequency of use has increased significantly. It all started years ago with lavender essential oils to support better sleep and feelings of relaxation.


Then orange oil was used by my first yoga teacher over 16 years ago at the end of class to support positive feelings. I discovered eucalyptus oil at a spa I went to with my husband and some friends, so I started using it in the shower for a fantastic, invigorating way to start my day. Then, I experienced peppermint oil’s cooling effects when I rubbed it on my feet at the end of a long day.


I used these oils on and off for many years. They smelled great but I didn’t really know what else they did. In the last couple of years I did some research and discovered the impact that the difference in quality has on the effectiveness of the oils. I also learned about the different ways we can use them, so much more than I ever realized! Now my family loves them too. Some of my favorite days include my kids talking about the oils or request to use or get specific oils…and WHY!


My in-depth research into essential oils started around October/November 2016, after I had been dealing with the grief of both my mom and sister having passed away about two and two-and-a-half years earlier, respectfully. I was looking for support for a more uplifted mood and sense of relaxation, grounding and energy. In the process I also learned about ways to use oils around my house to reduce the amount of toxic chemicals in my home that are readily found in cleaners, soaps, body washes and other skin care and beauty products.


It amazed me how many chemicals are in products that are supposed to be good for us. Check out the free Think Dirty app. Then scan the bar codes of the products in your cabinets. What you find may surprise you too!


There are three ways to use essential oils: aromatically (by inhaling it, such as through a diffuser or simply smelling an open bottle of oil), topically (using on the skin either “neat” (by itself), or diluted in either carrier oil or in a lotion), and ingesting (consuming the oils as a dietary supplement in water, food, or vegetable capsule according to product directions). People may choose to use certain oils in specific ways based on personal preference and as indicated after research on any personal medical issues or conditions, and consultation with appropriate health care providers.


So, what’s the joy in essential oils? There are so many benefits that support our physical and emotional health and wellness! It’s important to make sure to use high quality essential oils (I use Young Living essential oils because of how they are grown, harvested and the Seed to Seal® process. They are so pure and potent that a little goes a long way so they last longer. Bonus! I also love the company as a whole and how they operate. See for yourself at!) While the oils aren’t meant to cure or treat any condition, they do a great job of helping to support our healthy body systems so we have more opportunity to be at our best.


My joys?

  • Supported immunity

  • Spiritual grounding

  • Sense of emotional strength

  • Supported digestion

  • Comfortable breathing

  • Supported homework focus for my kids

  • Feeling a sense of calm and support when chaos visits

  • Amazing aromas

  • The power of plants

  • Increased sense of control over my reactions to the events of my day

  • Learning the history of the power of plants and nature to support and enhance our lives

  • Reducing the amount of toxins in my home. I know I can’t keep chemicals and toxins our of our lives completely, but I do have control over the products I use in my home.

  • Altering the mood of the whole house to a more positive and relaxed one at the end of a busy day

  • Watching the health and wellness of my family increase

  • Sharing with others

  • Watching the health and wellness of my friends increase

  • Deepening of relationships from talking about essential oils, health, wellness, goals and dreams with others

  • Supporting a healthy planet

  • Ongoing cycle of feeling more joy and noticing more joyful things around me


This list could go on and on for me. I have noticed the connection between my gratitude for the things, people and events in my life and the resulting increase in my sense of joy. There are so many things that, for understandable reasons, bring people down. Therefore, it seems logical to me to focus on the positives so that we can shift our thoughts this way. What we think becomes what we experience. We have a choice! I choose to give myself the best shot I have to take advantage of my best life.


Using essential oils in this comprehensive way (that works for me and my personal physical and emotional needs, and that of my family) has boosted my levels of joy, positivity and gratitude. Life is full of negative experiences, bumps in the road, and challenges to overcome. There are always situations that may require specific medical care, so it’s important to acknowledge those situations and make appropriate health care decisions.


However, plants and essential oils have been around for a very long time, helping people just like us support positive health, wellness and life experiences. They are here for us to use. So, I choose to keep learning more about essential oils, use them as intended, and appreciate that I feel better in my mid-forties than I have in any other point in my life!


Support your health and wellness. Make the most out of your life experiences. Spread the joy!



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