The Joy of Kindred Spirits

November 5, 2017





Many  people believe that we are happiest when we have relationships with those who understand us and share our experiences. We generally find these relationships more satisfying. These kindred spirits share our values, common assumptions and a similar world view or philosophy.


In a sense this notion seems obvious. We all feel more comfortable when we can be ourselves without hesitation and where others “get” us. We each have different kindred spirits in our lives. Some are still with us from childhood, some are new friends and others may cross our path anywhere in between.


A kindred spirit may be one we see every day. Or, he or she may be someone with whom we connect only occasionally but the conversation always seems to pick up without skipping a beat, like hardly any time has passed. Our hearts fill up around these people and we cherish them.


A true kindred spirit is rare, and they make our lives better. They are more than a best friend. They help us discover and embrace who we really are. They give us love, energy and strength like no other and deeply understand our struggles, efforts and happiness. One of the best parts – we give it back to them! We have a distinct purpose in each other’s lives.


Joy is given to us by these kindred spirits because of the intense connection. They may not always be spouses or significant others, but perhaps friends, family members or even animals. We share an unspoken connection, trust and understanding. We don’t always have to finish our sentences or even say anything at all.


Some connections are a sense of knowing what we can’t explain; similar life experiences, talents or perspectives. However, they may also provide the needed nudge or support to broaden our comfort zones. They do it in a way that makes us feel safe, supported and cared for.


There is also the belief that kindred spirits share a spiritual connection with us; that we’ve lived similar lives, travelled similar journeys or have been linked in past lives. Whichever connection fits your belief, the result is a kind of love that validates us, makes us feel heard and whole. Being around them, talking on the phone or exchanging messages instantly lifts us up and enlightens any day or situation.


Kindred spirits embody love, joy and unspoken understanding. They are a special source of inspiration and energy. They know we are enough. We help each other along our journeys in order to live our best lives.


Acknowledge your kindred spirit(s). Embrace the connection. Spread the joy.


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