Welcome to my collection of adventures! Please stop by and take a look. I love to write about overcoming adversity and the power we all have inside to make our dreams come true and become the people we want to be. Waves Crashing is  my first novel and I love every page of this book! I hope you will too. I have also listed three more below that are currently in the works. I am looking forward to sharing them with you.

Waves Crashing


When tragedy strikes Riley Brannan’s family, she is forced to search deep inside for the strength to survive. Riley’s instinct is to withdraw from the world. However, her spunky Nana Catherine has other ideas, including having Riley spend the summer at her house to enjoy the Gull’s Point Summer Festival. Doyle, a local lifeguard, challenges her thoughts, actions, and expectations. Riley tries to prevent Doyle from getting too close, but learns that something in his past gives him a way of understanding her like no one else. Riley learns to appreciate the importance of her friends, family, and letting some people in. Riley’s journey compels her to discover who she is, as well as the difference between family values and the value of family.

The Fate of Ben & Annabelle


Every experience we have. Every choice we make. Every step we take along our jouney. Each of these and more have a powerful impact on where life takes us and who we become. For Ben and Annabelle, their story is just that; how life's events determine their future, their lives, and their very existence. Join this family on a journey from New England, to California, to Hawaii and back to see how it all unfolds. Hold on tight. You are in for a bumpy ride with twists, turns and emotional surprises!


This book is still being written. Stay tuned for updates on the release date!

Growing Up Vegas



Sixteen year-old Vegas Elizabeth Adams is growing up in Las Vegas and she's not happy about it. She lives with her mother and younger brother in a run-down apartment complex. On any given day, she is irritated with her living conditions, her family situaiton and the events she encounters. Thankfully, her neighbor and good friend, Jeremy, makes enduring life here easier. Despite less-than-desirable conditions, Vegas learns to see the good in some very special people around her, and to look under the unpleasant parts of life to find hidden beauty and love. However, will she be able to find her father and discover what really defines her? 


This book is still being written. Stay tuned for updates on the release date!


Password Pocahontas


This book is in the very early stages. In fact, my notes are still on small pieces of paper, not even organized in a notebook yet. It is the true story of an adventure I didn't even realize I was on. My sister recently passed away from Myotonic Dystrophy at the age of 38 and this is our story of growing up, growing apart, and growing closer than ever at the end of her life. Only in the end did our family really understand the significant impact the disease had been having on her life, her abilities and her inabilities. Despite all of the limitations it placed on her, Myotonic Dystrophy never limited her spirit, spunk, or love of life, family and friends. I am so fortunate to have been her sister.


Part of the proceeds from this book will be donated to the Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy Association to assist with research so that others living with this disease may find more treatment options and increased hope for a cure.


Stay tuned for more information on the development of Password Pocahontas!


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