Expecting to move forward toward a goal without taking new steps toward that goal is really nothing more than a wish.

April 7, 2015

I set an intention for myself this year. My New Year's Realignment. After having lost my sister and mother last year to devastating deseases, I was given the opportunity to take another look at my priorities and do some rearranging. However, in order to make the desired changes in my life a reality, I accepted the fact that I actually had to do things differently. I can no longer go through my day on auto-pilot. I can no longer maintain the excessive number of things on my plate. I must to say No to some things and Yes to others. I must to do things differently and go outside my comfort zone. I must to be willing to take risks.


While logically I know that in order to make things happen we must commit to taking action; not just wait for others to act, or wait for the right time. It is important to do the things we know must be done in order to live the life we want to live. We are not stuck in any current situation unless we allow ourselves to be stuck. Now, there are certainly many situations beyond our control that have an impact on how we live or what we are able to do. However, as with any obstacle, problem or stressor, the key is how we respond to it. Often times we must change our outlook or even the way we speak to ourselves. It takes a conscioius effort to change a negative pattern into a positive one. 


So this year I set a New Year's Realignment to give more time and attention to my writing. In order to do so, I had to adjust priorities, committments and perspectives. I had to become comfortable with the need to take risks. I had to carve out time to dedicate to writing as well as to making more connections in order to move foward with publishing more projects. I have begun to act as though my goals already are my reality.


I really like this New Year's Realignment concept. It acknowledges that there are many steps to change, unlike a Resolution,  which felt to me like an instant change. I have been able to see each small step as a success toward  my larger goal. I see it as a process that entails time, attempts, successes, failues, readjustments, and continual realignment. Watching my goal unfold in front of me each step of the way provides renewed energy to keep moving forward on this new path. I don't need to wish upon a star because all I need to do is rely on myself to take the necessary steps.

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