Have Faith in Yourself. Reach For the Sky.

April 28, 2015


As we take those steps toward our realigned goals and dreams, it can be easy to feel twinges of self-doubt. It is important that we trust our gut and go for it. The desires we feel for life changes or new perspectives come from our hearts. They are trying to tell us something. It's OK to feel a little nervous about change, but think of it as coming from the excitement of something new; not the worry of failure.


In order to make those changes in our peresonal, professional or social lives, we have to engage in new ways of thinking and make different choices. These differences often come after a lifetime of habit and perhaps even lifestyle, and they can be challenging. But these challenges are the catalyst for strength, often strength we don't even realize we have.


It can be so easy to fall into the routine of life and be content with the day-in and day-out routines that have been established. These routines have a purpose and a function; usually to help the items on the to-do list get crossed off for the day, or the schedule that allows all the activities to run smoothly. However, many of us are caught in a sensation of automatic pilot.


There comes a point when many of us stop and think, "Is this it? Am I really living life or merely existing?" Such a turning point calls to us and causes us to check in with ourselves, our goals and dreams, our happiness. If you're feeling a desire for change and a twinge of self-doubt, take a deep breath, reach for the sky and grab on to those dreams. Take the next step. You will get there. And you will be amazing.

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