The Joy of Change

December 6, 2016



Typically, we don’t stay the same, or in one place in life, for very long. We change. Our surroundings change. Our situation, friends, family, interests and/or feelings change. Even the cells in our bodies change about every seven years all on their own.


“The only constant is change. Change is inevitable.” This is a reality I’ve finally come to accept. We can reach a goal and feel a sense of accomplishment. We can rest and take a deep breath, but we still keep moving forward from that new point.


As we move forward people, circumstances and feelings continue to change. Life is a constant state of adjustment and balance. We control some of these changes such as the choices and decisions we make.


Many of the changes we encounter are beyond our control. However, they, too, are opportunities for growth and can open doorways to new beginnings and possibilities. We may not be in control of these changes, but we are in control of how we respond to them as well as our next choices and decisions.


The evening I drafted this blog post I went to my regular yoga class, which I love. I came to this class several years ago after my previous yoga instructor changed her schedule. I was really disappointed, but it lead me to a new yoga studio. I’ve been grateful for that change ever since.


But when I found out my current class was no longer going to be offered, I thought the timing of this post was almost comical. I was living this post, so much so that I had to come back to it and edit in this amusing tidbit. It is time for me to accept “what is”; that my favorite yoga class is no longer an option.

This Yoga Change is facing me head on. I need to adapt and adjust my schedule to find a new class, and possibly a new yoga teacher.


I call on my past experience of how well the last change worked out and look forward to the new possibilities that await me. It’s good to change things up so that we don’t get stuck in a rut. I may or may not like the new class or the teacher, but as I move along I will make choices that I feel will best support my life. 


Many of us say we don’t like change. We get comfortable in our routines, expectations, and even responsibilities. We often like things “the way things are”, but that comfort can lead to a negative feeling of living on auto-pilot.


Several years or so ago I was driving between some regular routine errands. While at a stop light I realized I couldn’t remember how many red or green lights I passed through to get there. I didn’t remember driving, just what I had been thinking about. I had been living the same routine for so long it was like I could do it with my eyes closed. Not a safe way to drive!


I had gone on “auto pilot”. Again. I declared to myself then and there that I needed to do something different. I needed a change. It was then that I began to look seriously at the structure of my life, acknowledged my goals and dreams, and built a new path to get there.


As the year comes to an end, and we find ourselves looking at yet another new year, we also find ourselves looking at some inevitable changes. Many of us make New Year’s resolutions (or "realignments") at this socially-declared clean slate to take advantage of an opportunity to start fresh, make changes, or adjust our attitudes and perspectives.


So, the benefit of change? It keeps us alive! Change demands that we stay alert so that we can interact with the world around us and grow. Life is full of changes; some scary, some exciting. Some happy, some sad. No matter the situation, change, and how we adapt to it, can enrich our lives.


Embrace change. Enrich your life. Spread the joy.






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