The Joy of Inspiration

September 4, 2017



What inspires you? Why? How do you feel when you are inspired? Inspiration comes in many forms from ideas, nature’s beauty, exciting actions of other people, spiritual symbols or experiences, notions of desires for a better world, to name just a few. We become exited and motivated beyond explanation.


Inspiration fills us with limitless energy, as if we can overcome any obstacle in our way. It allows us to see the big picture – the end game. The idea of what we can accomplish becomes rather intoxicating and we may shout it from the rooftops and/or get to work right away. We may feel that all is right with the world and that nothing can stop us. This is a great feeling!


Confidence rises, worries and doubts fade, and risks feel less risky. All because when inspired we feel a sense of certainty, determination and confidence. We may feel so determined that previous road blocks now have meaning and suddenly we see a new path or new perspective more clearly. Alternative possibilities seem obvious now.


But what about when inspiration fades, or those times when we feel simply uninspired? What’s the difference? For many people it’s that ol’ familiar sense of “blah”. Motivation is lower. Energy and productivity is low. Self-talk is more likely about the negative parts of our day; the perceived rudeness of the driver who cut us off, the long line at the grocery store, how things don’t work out for us, and all the reasons why we shouldn’t do something we want to do suddenly seem accurate.


So, how do we cultivate more of this inspiration in our lives which will inevitably bring us more joy? We can start by surrounding ourselves with those people who inspire us. Perhaps they are the ones who always seem to be smiling. Or accomplishing their goals. Or have a different perspective that is working for them. Maybe we can assimilate some of this energy into ourselves, our choices, and our lives.


We can choose to spend more time in the environments that inspire us. We may consciously need to make the time to do so. These settings will be different for each person. For some it might be fishing. For others it might be shopping, reading, cooking, running a 5K or a marathon, gardening, hiking, creating art/film/photography, riding a motorcycle, riding that rollercoaster that has always seemed too scary, spending time with a certain person or people they admire or who enthusiastically supports their objectives, travelling to a foreign country to immerse themselves in a different culture, or simply learning something new.


Every once in a while inspiration hits us like an epiphany. When that happens, our resulting actions seem to happen without much thought or effort. Other times we may need to create and support that inspiration in our world in order to help it grow. In any case, when we are truly inspired, time stands still, happiness fills our hearts, confidence soars, and energy runs through us like a freight train and we couldn’t stop if we wanted to.


What I love about inspiration is that in order to feel it we must connect on a significant level to our goals, dreams or desires. Moving forward with inspiration means that we are doing something we love and therefore acknowledging a part of who we are. Discovering who we are can take a lifetime, so each step along this path is fulfilling. Even when we conclude an experience does not match who we really are. We are always learning. And growing.


Inspiration can spread like wildfire. When we are inspired we create our own happiness through our actions and experiences. Just as we are inspired by others, we motivate ourselves to do more, expand our experiences or go further outside our comfort zone, as well as inspire those who notice us. We continue on the path to our true selves and encourage others to do the same.


Find your inspiration. Acknowledge your true self. Spread the joy.

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